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Charlotte is our city, our home, our community; where we have grown our roots. We are passionate about this place, and we strive to be stewards of it. It is not the house that makes the home, the buildings and streets that make the city – it is the people. We do real estate for that reason; to help people find the right house to make their home and the right neighborhood to build community. We provide professional real estate services with our clients needs and wants as the top priority, and we deliver on these objectives with the highest level of service. Our goal is to be your trusted real estate advisor for life.

Willow Oak, REALTORS® was founded in 2015 by professionals with well over 25 years of experience in the Charlotte, NC market. Our experience combined with our network has enabled us to exceed clients’ expectations in every transaction; from selling at maximum market value to obtaining the most sought after properties.

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Why Willow Oak…

Charlotte, North Carolina’s most historic and treasured neighborhoods are covered in a rich canopy of the classically handsome willow oak trees. They are strong; they are deeply rooted; they have grown to develop fully as a symbol of home to many in Charlotte; they are the most prevalent trees in the beautiful canopy that covers most of “In Town” Charlotte’s original streetcar neighborhoods.

At Willow Oak, REALTORS® we specialize in residential real estate in these vibrant communities rich with willow oak trees, and are rooted in the qualities we associate with this tree: strength, experience and character.