Plaza Midwood

Is known for its great location, diversity, and strong sense of community. The neighborhood is due east of Uptown and the original city limits. Elizabeth and Chantilly border to the south; Uptown is to the west; Villa Heights and NoDA are to the north.

Midwood is known as the most diverse of the original street car suburbs of Charlotte and for many reasons; it has the most individual original developments that form what is the present neighborhood; these developments began as early as other “streetcar subdivisions,” in the early 1900s, yet others were built as late as 1950’s; within these varying subdivisions, and even on the same block homes vary in age and size tremendously. Plaza Midwood has many contributing historic structures and about 20% of the neighborhood is protected and designated as a Local Historic District.

The neighborhood not only offers Charlotteans a wide variety of housing, but also an array of the best dining and shopping in the city. It is home to the Charlotte Country Club and the Thirsty Beaver Saloon.