A very well known area of Charlotte just south of the original streetcar suburb ring. It is one of the first true suburbs as we think of them today, spurred by the automobile boom. It is located just south of Myers Park; Cotswold is to the east; Madison Park is to the west; and the greater Ballantyne area is to the south.

One of the first true “automobile suburbs” in Charlotte, SouthPark was developed in the 1960s on 3,000 acres of farmland owned by Governor Cameron Morrison. The centerpiece of the SouthPark area was and still is the SouthPark Shopping Mall. The mall is the largest in NC, and features many luxury retailers from all around the globe. Presently there are several other major retail areas, such as Philips Place and the Morrison Shopping Area; many great restaurants; fine grocers; and hotels.

The residential offerings in the SouthPark area range from luxury apartments, to mixed-use developments featuring condos and townhomes, to a wide range of single-family homes. The many subdivisions feature typically traditional style homes that range in size and budget from a 1960’s ranch home to a 2015 estate home.