The city center, where it all began, at the crossroads of Trade and Tryon Streets. We call it Uptown, not downtown! It is bordered by the I-277 loop and surrounded by the original “streetcar suburbs.” The grid is laid out at a 45-degree angle to true north and south so that it aligns with Trade and Tryon, as they were the original Indian trading routes. Trade and Tryon serve as the dividing lines of the Four Wards, or neighborhoods of Uptown today just as they did in the 1850’s when they were originally drawn up for elections purposes.

Charlotte grew as a “walking city;” prior to becoming a “streetcar city;” then was transformed by the automobile; and Uptown, Center City, area was vacated for the suburbs. Today Uptown is a thriving mix of residential and commercial space, it is an area of town that many, many Charlotteans either work, live, play, or all of the above!

The modern day wards of Uptown each offer their own feel, places to live, work, dine, dance, and be entertained. They are numbered clockwise starting in the southeastern quadrant.